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1 to 1
We're using NFT's to help those in need.


1 person, 1 week auction.

individualized assessments for aid.

Meet Andrew.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

In need of: Shelter, Food, Clothing & Employment.

Over the past 2 months, when passing Andrew on the street, he's always soft spoken & polite. If you're up for it he will even throw down a rap verse or two.

With your help, lets give Andrew's life the kick-start it needs to get back on track.

The higher the winning bid,
The more we can do for Andrew.

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1 to 1

0.04 > eth

clothing & food.

0.25 > eth

clothing, food & shelter for 1 week.

1.25 > eth

3 months of living expenses.

3.5 > eth

6 months of living expenses.

7.0 > eth

1 Year of living expenses.

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14 > eth

1> year of living expenses.
1> year of medical expenses.

winning bids

donation receipt.
progress updates.
custom engraved dream inc. bracelet.



Custom engraved.

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dream logo white trans.png
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