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Prince Innocence

" Angelyne "

Right now, it feels like the world is being torn apart and coming together at the same time. For Prince innocence's "Angelyne" we want to create a deliciously visual and visceral symphony. Bring the excitement of a blockbuster action movie and a romantic film together in a twisted way. Taking the sultry and sexy vibe of the songs and turning it on its head a little bit by juxtaposing it against imagery that looks beautiful in color but violent and dangerous in its content.
I want to evoke conflicting emotions, with stirring projections of painful historical conflicts and occurrences. Meanwhile, in front of this cumulative pain, sexy, raw, and dirty "club-goers" enjoy themselves. 

Vignette Example: 


As we see visuals of apocalyptic devastation of the Syrian ruins,  a couple is dancing and passionately making out, on what looks like a dancefloor.


How to accomplish this ambitious concept has inspired me to think a little bit differently. We will shoot everything in the studio yet without any post-CG effects. Instead, I have come up with a technique that will have an aesthetic unique to this video.

We will project backgrounds of the vignettes behind the characters; a technique used frequently in older films like Pulp Fiction and Aliens, called "rear projection." 


I would like it to feel like the characters are in a dance hall or an outdoor festival, and the set design would consist of simple pieces that would be in those environments.


I want to embrace the aesthetic of the projections and allow the audience to know we aren't really at these locations because I think it will look beautiful and unique. A bit of a retro vibe but with a modern yet modest approach to visual effects. 


Example of onset props and design:


  • Wardrobe - appropriate to each character.

  • Props ( minimal) - tables & chairs that would be in a club or romantic scene. Walls & window to make a studio feel like it's in the real world.

  • Debris and party favor for in-camera FX. Merging what's on the projector screen into the real world.

  • A treadmill for moving/walking shots.



Option #1

Standard projection

Option #2

spherical projection mapping


Story Progression

Video Progression


The video begins with romantic characters playing in front of a violent backdrop. I like the idea of flipping this towards the end; the characters being violent and the backdrop being beautiful. The night goes on, and the juxtaposition slowly flips, with the projections becoming tranquil and soothing, while the crowd gets more wild,passionate and almost violent.


It would be a great opportunity to work on the film for this song. We look forward to collaborating with Prince Innocence on this amazing track.

Thank you, 



dream  inc.

Writers Talvi Faustmann & Amos Le Blanc

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©2020 dream inc

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