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Valentina Ploy - Camera Roll

a carousel of memories.
we see valetina and a past love, cycling through moments of their relationship. highlights, hardships, in betweens, embarrassing moments, in the back of the fan, cooking, filling up gas, peeing on the side of the road, vulnerability, mistakes... all of it

shot entirely on iphone
real moments, real life, real intimacy happens when your guard is down. when you see a moment worth capturing, you take out your phone, snap a picture or take a video. you keep it for yourself or you share it with your friends. the subliminal effect this approach will have on the viewers is that they are watching the real valentina and ideally falling in love with her even more.

most memories happen when there is change. something new in a day, or a place, a view or scenery you've never seen before. I believe this film also needs everyday, at home, mundance yet truthful moments. I also believe the majority of the film should be filed with joyful times and beautiful scenery where most of our memories and videos in our "camera roll" exist.

koh phangan
the more i think about this video, the more excited i get about what we could capture on this island.
- it has an abundance of vacational scenery
- it has european, american, and even mexican scenery if you know where to look.
- we can do ANYTHING, as in... we will not face roadbloacks from local authorities for riding motorcycles, arranging large bonfires... no need for permits.
- I'm exceptionally well connected her and have a lot of support from local businesses and people.


here are some locations available to us

serenity residence

bay villas

random clips from my iphone

random pictures from my iphone