Pitch by dream inc.

Treatment by Adrian Vieni

Directors: Adrian Vieni & Amos Le Blanc

For ‘Best Life’ we’ll create a dynamic, fun, and raw video that features Danny performing in his element, elevating mundane and bleak everyday scenes to feel larger than life, so that everyone is living their best lives. The video will be unique in that it throws back both to classic hip-hop videos of the 90s/2000’s, and the theatricality of 50s musical numbers at the same time, but with a contemporary look and feel.


The video will feature a series of vignettes of people vibing out in everyday locations - a convenience store, an urban street, a clothing store, an auto garage - unremarkable places that people move through in their everyday lives without thinking anything of it. Ideally, we’d shoot the video in Detroit, paying tribute to the environment that has shaped Danny into the artist he is today. Danny will perform with his signature energy throughout the vignettes, effectively bringing them to life. This performance should feel unhinged, wild and free, his energy and actions becoming a catalyst for change in the vignettes. At times, we’ll position Danny on the dolly track so that he moves in unison with the camera, almost floating through the scenes. With the upbeat, playful nature of the track, Danny's energy and the speed of our movement, this will come off as extra animated and theatrical, adding a surreal element to the video.

What makes this performance stand out is Danny’s ability to make the scenes feel larger than life and spark joy, elevating these everyday locations to be a little more upbeat, fun, and animated. Danny will be interacting with the environments, not only in a typical ‘rapper performing with his crew’ vibe, but also in a way that elevates the other characters. Amongst the performances, we’ll pepper in vignettes of various characters living their best lives, with the help of Danny. There will be a sense of theatricality to these moments, big or small –  he makes money rain down on a homeless guy, a soccer mom rolls through in a 6-4 Impala with big rims and Danny riding shotgun, a pair of kids hold extravagant ice cream cones in front of an ice cream truck that Danny is serving from, and kids play in the street under showers from a fire hydrant that Danny cracked open. Each of these vignettes will be incorporated in the scenes, and captured both in a portraiture format as well as amongst the performance. These gags should feel over-the-top and exciting, but not so goofy that they take away from the vibe of the video.


The look and feel should be in line with contemporary hip-hop videos - nothing too glossy, bright or colorful. It will have an urban setting - Ideally shot in Detroit - lots of energy, a muted palette and some 16mm film grit and grain. I want to play up movement very heavily, using camera whips, spins, and pans to transition from scene to scene, and play up the throws to our gags. The gags will rely as heavily on practical FX as they can, avoiding any cheesy VFX. See references from J Balvin and A$AP Rocky for visual cues for performance, camera, lighting, and locations. 

We love Danny Brown, We love this track, and would very much look forward to working together.

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Pitch by dream inc.

Directors; Adrian Vieni & Amos Le Blanc