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   fridays for future.  
   we don't care  

*** FFF Script ***

*** Real Donald Trump Quotes **

I don’t think science knows actually

All of this with the global warming and, its just a hoax, all of its a hoax really.

It will start getting cooler, you just watch.

If we’re clean, and everyone else on the earth is dirty, that’s not so good.

Greta Thunberg should attend anger management courses

Climate change, have you even stood Underneath a windmill is like a bird cemetery, you should see it.

I don’t believe it,




*** Scripted Lines ***


GEN Z speaking to the cam Millenials’ sentences seriously with attitude:

– My carrier first... Climate change can wait

– It’s just a big hoax

– Climate change? it’s not that bad...

– Planet Earth can easily handle infinite population growth

– The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News,it’s Fake Science

– Climate change is natural and normal

– it’s happened at other points in history.

*** Original dream inc. Lines ***

Self interested scientist, will say anything for some attention

A lot of these scientists are driven by the money they receive by grants

Nothing More than a rehash of age old assumptions made by science

A lot of people are getting really rich off the climate change agenda

Climate change must be balanced against the economy

Technology is moving so quickly we’ll figure out a solution soon, but right now…

The population crisis is solving itself

Scientists can’t even make up their minds

Climate change occurs naturally throughout history

Climate change isn’t that bad, life will find a way.

I thought things were getting hotter. Have you seen how much it rains?

Its rained 3 times this month here already,

Have you seen how much it rains? Its fine…

The models used to measure climate change are unreliable

climate change is a Chinese-funded conspiracy

*** END COPY ***

Climate change doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not.

What if we didn't care?

Would you Prefer we didn't care?