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mr. giscard
idea sketches from dream team.

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track #1 - chui pu fort

idea #1

" Love on fire "

Storytelling through the deepest thought of one couple. They are in a fight, and through these metaphor footage we dig in to each of their thoughts.


Whenever the girl thinks about when she’s together with the boy, there’s always a on camera visual " sparks " representing passion, lust, and abundance emotion. These film starts out romantic, but as as the film progresses it becomes intense and uncomfortable.  As we progress emotions get more intense, fighting, crying, and a full height of emotional intensity.


By the end of the film, the relationship is over , we see the lead girl alone, it's skyline sunset, a sort of " on top of the world feeling" the message is that love creates, and inspires, but there's the possibility of piece when you're alone. Not one is better than the other. but they are different and there is hope.

concept #2

" dating glitch "

A storytelling piece where we see a normal life of one young loving couple. They are on a date having coffee, etc. During the day the boy the male character is seen glitching this glitching represents emotional change and instability. Sometime talkative, sometime quiet, or even becoming more aggressive toward the girl. This will establish his emotional instability and how he’s becoming another person. The story would continue but every time the boy “glitches”, the boy continues to glitch and breakdown, the girl begins to separate herself from him until she leaves him completely alone.

concept #3

" love's extremes "

The entire film is a drawn out moment of a couples fight in slow motion and reverse.  Start off with the a messy and broken bedroom, where the fight happens. And in reverse slow-motion we show a montage of the couple throwing house hould items and smashing things very aggressively. Cut in with the fighting footage flashback to romantic and loving memories of the couples most loving times together... laughing, goofing around, cuddling... all that lovey dovey stuff.  This all juxtaposed and edited mixed in, showing the highest and lowest points of the relationship.  The film ends with a short dialogue delivered by the female... she says a few words to end the relationship... its not working... i'm so sorry.... but i have to let you go... something along these line... END

concept #4
" honeymoon period "

track #2 - san sentiment

concept #5

" rome & juliet "

a classic inspired love start that ends in tragedy. The film opens... a couple in love... riding a motorcycle or in a car, wind in their hair and vignettes of romnce and full devotion. just like the song sounds... good vibes and warm feelings... it quickly progresses to madness... think justice stress... Thugli... or SebastiAn run for me ( link here ) a descent into madness and chaos, very visceral dramtic and visual violent sometimes surreal imagery. Script to be written... but just coverying the concept at this point.

maybe we start the edit with a foreshadowing... question that entices people... their car, motorcycle or house on fire... and then start the film. some foreshadowing to promise something unexpected and exciting is coming.

overall a love story that ends in tragedy just like Romeo and Juliet but with ultra vivid imagery of love violence and romance.