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infinix mobile


fun. engaging. sharable.

Our aim is to create an exciting and fresh piece that has the cinematic execution of a high end commercial with the fun an engaugement that comes with popular social media posts.


iPhone Savior
(reverse charging)


  • 1 x Caucasian Male/Female

  • 1 x Pan-African Male/Female

option 1


A couple sits on top of a hill beautiful park  overlooking the the sunset city skyline in the background. Cut to the iPhone savior moment. the camera arcs around Infinix Note 30 pro hovering over an iPhone, we hear the familiar iPhone " whomp " sound and the screen illuminates a the large charging indicator shown clearly on the screen. The camera rotates around the two phones...

option 2

We see a couple with 2 different race dancing together and then suddenly there's a movement that they bring their phone close together. We cut parallel with two mobile transfer their battery.

dance ref idea

charging while gaming
not a problem

(play while charging)


  • Middle Eastern Male


cut to a closeup, camera arcing around the Note 30, thumbs quickly moving across the screen as they play candy crush or a similar game. the camera continues to pull out in a single move revealing our character playing in a peculiar, feet in the air while laying on the couch position. The camera continues to rotate...

panic free when you
forgot to charge

(wired fast charging)


  • Asian American Male


cut to a closeup rotating shot of the Infinix Note 30 in a hand, indication shows the battery is low. Cut to a shot of the Note 30 placed on a table to charge in a bedroom, in the same shot our character walks to his laptop. In a locked of shot we speed up the footage 5 x speed as he answers 1-2 emails... with the Note 30 still in the foreground we see on the phone screen the battery goes from low to full is a very short time at which point he closes his laptop and picks the phone back up.

charge it anywhere,

(wireless charging)


  • Caucasian/ Latin or Middle Eastern Male/Female


Cut to an underwater shot of a character jumping into a pool the camera rises out of the water to reveal a group of friends enjoying the sunset at a rooftop pool with a gorgeous rose and purple sunset in the bachdrop. cut to a shot of the Note 30 being charged wirelesses on a table in the foreground.

adapter that supports all devices
(ai charging adapter)


  • Pan-African Male/Female



Camera POV from The charger, the camera pans around a circular table, plugging into one phone, rotating and plugging into the next... and to the next... this continues 5-6 times. Cut to a circular dolly shot of a group of friends laughing over dinner and drinks.

camera techniques

a lot of movement.

I am seeing a lot of motion, the camera is always moving, never stationary. I also want to employ a lot of circular motion, the camera turns and rotates around the phone and key features we're highlighting.

a lot of rotations all the way through... while playing games on the phone, during wireless charging, the camera is always " orbiting" around the subject and feature being highlighted and never static.

circular movement

For this camera movement we will use a 3 axis gimbal such a ronin to execute this movement across many angles to create a consistently rotation in the editing room.

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dream arrow down.png


real people.

it's important that the cast feel like real people and not actors. Yes they can appear to be having a good time with laughter and a smile but not oversell and " commercially " exagerate it. This is all in an effort to make our talent and the film feel relatable and grounded in realism.

Casting people that are interesting, not too obviously models, and have a healthy amount of " perfect imperfections " and humanizing qualities.


stylish but not fashionistas. I see everyone as having good fashion sense but don't want to push it soo far that we alienate the audience and present all cast thats extremely fashion forward. A healthy mix of relatable styles, people you see every day on the street with a little sense of elevated style.