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mastercard x mcdonalds

priceless sundae

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fun. engaging. sharable.

Our aim is to create an exciting and fresh piece that has the cinematic execution of a high end commercial with all of the fun of social media stories and posts. The perfect visual marriage of cinema and social in the colourful world that is McDonalds and Mastercard.

camera techniques

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a lot of movement.

I am seeing a lot of motion, the camera is always moving, never stationary. I also want to employ a lot of circular motion, the camera turns and rotates with our talents motion.

For example they are spraying art that is very circular in design, we mount the camera to the spray can, rotate with them as they work and for the wide shot a rotating FPV drone shot.

to really push It will feel lively, and fun and a marriage of social media inspired techniques and big budget film.

a lot of rotations alll the way through... the painting, the sundae as they turn the cup make the swirls... when they wave the MasterCard they will do it in more of a waving turn rather than a straight tap.

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360 cameras & circular movement

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card movements

For this camera movement we will use a 3 axis gimbal such a ronin to execute this movement across many angles to create a consistently rotation in the editing room.

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FPV drone & circular motion

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