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Mi Amore


Demo Version


2020 has been difficult to say the LEAST. What the world desperately needs is a bit of fun and laughter and we are here to deliver just that.

Mi Amore - OMG is a song created during Quarantine. Its the beautiful side effect of being locked inside your house and trying to figure out what to do with yourself. Sampled from an instagram clip of a friends kid saying "Oh My God" for the first name, and twisted into a Cosmic Disco track. It makes you smile a bit and reminds you of the simpler joys in life.

Seeing and hearing is believing. So please take a moment to watch & listen to OMG edited to .gifs from the internet.

For nowness


... that was fun.

The Official Video

We want to attempt to aid in the trauma of covid & isolation by dancing it off. In the spirit of all the Zoom Calls, Tik-Tok, Trends, Dances and fun weird things that came of 2020... We want to put an open casting call to all Canadians to film themselves, in their homes, dancing to OMG.

Everyone you can imagine, Parents, the elderly in retirement-homes, essential workers, front line workers, YOU and maybe even some Canadian celebrities. Getting weird, showing off their moves and shedding off the bad juu-juu of 2020.

100 percent of this video will be shot remotely, by Canadians everywhere, from their smart phones. This is inspired by and hopes to become a viral dance trend, like toosie-slide on tik-tok, or any other number of viral, sharable trends but the trend starts with the official release of the video after 100's of Canadians have already danced to it. #OMGDANCE. All the proceeds will go to the individuals in the video. 100 Canadians will be featured and selected for the video & receive an honorarium of $150 if their video is chosen.

Thank you.

Thank you and we very much look forward to making people across Canada smile and dance with this fun delivering concept.