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" Rubberband "

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For Rubberband I like the idea of doing a multiple vignette setup. Strong heavily art directed and curated scenes for her to walk-through in a single shot type of video.

Below are some examples, we're very open to discussing and collaborating on what the vignettes might be.

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"was it a wasted couple months"

"I wasn't ready can i be honest"

"I got this rubberband on my wrist"

"Lookin' through the photos wishin' I was different"

"I got this rubberband on my wrist"

"Try'n to forget"



1 x Tate Mcrae


In Studio, Toronto


6 x TBD

Shoot Days

1 x Live


Colour Grade, Mix & Deliver  - 72 Hours


ARRI Alexa Mini LF - Spherical LF Lenses



Live Recording & Mix

Thank you.

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This treatment was written in collaboration with Amos Le Blanc and dream inc.

​dream inc. is a Canadian company and creative collective founded in 2019. We believe in transparency, the creative process and fostering young creative minds. We believe in sharing creative ideas and non possessiveness in the interest of true ego free creation. The future of creativity belongs not just to the creators but to the minds that witness and identify with the artwork.

© dream inc. 2021

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