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" save earth, save love. "

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bold. romantic. simple.

We have here an exciting, thought provoking and visual film. In a short amount of time we share themes of love, grandeur and mindfulness, how we execute and communicate these ideas needs to be handled delicately.


set design

captured in camera.

When shooting our astronauts and key character moments I want to capture as much as possible in camera. Shooting with LED or projection screen provides the best possible image, with real-time in-camera visuals, that emit light on our characters and provide beautiful reflections and aesthetic quality.

first man behind the scenes.



Lots of movement. Thorughout the spot we travel from characters, through planets, space, earth and back. This constant movement holds a lot of weight, executed well it feels immersive and memorable. 


Script reference - pushthrough to earth. 


Script reference -Pull out of astronauts.

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Script ref - pack shot.


   Futuristic Space suit.  

Litter Moodboard