" save earth, save love. "

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bold. romantic. simple.

We have here an exciting, thought provoking and visual film. In a short amount of time we share themes of love, grandeur and mindfulness, how we execute and communicate these ideas needs to be handled delicately.


set design

captured in camera.

When shooting our astronauts and key character moments I want to capture as much as possible in camera. Shooting with LED or projection screen provides the best possible image, with real-time in-camera visuals, that emit light on our characters and provide beautiful reflections and aesthetic quality.

first man behind the scenes.



Lots of movement. Thorughout the spot we travel from characters, through planets, space, earth and back. This constant movement holds a lot of weight, executed well it feels immersive and memorable. 


Script reference - pushthrough to earth. 


Script reference -Pull out of astronauts.



cleoseup transparent.webp

Script ref - pack shot.


   Futuristic Space suit.  

Litter Moodboard

Landscape Moodboard




Sound design and score play the biggest role in the emotion of a film. It guides our emotions in how we feel while watching a piece.

With themes of love and outer space I'd like to take a timeless approach to the score. I feel classical from composers such as Bach, Debussey or Chopin emanates class and pairs well with the beauty of outer space.

music references.

1.Nocturne op 8 no 2
2.Piano Concerto in A minor
3. Clair de Lune
4.Sequence four
5.AZarathustra Op.30


always moving.

This film travels across the universe through galaxies... that's a lot of ground to cover. The visual language will embrace the journey and our camera will always be moving.

from the very first shot, with the closeup of eyes... a subtle arcing camera head... to the reveal pull back of our astronauts to the floating closeup pack. Our camera will always be moving.




Open on an extreme close-up of a 35-year old Indian-looking man - a distant star sparkles in his eyes. Cut to an extreme close-up of a 40-year old Korean-looking woman who’s lost in his eyes. The air is heavy with romance. The music swells. Their lips part. Their breath quickens. They lean in.

Loud thunk.

The music stops. It’s two reinforced visors bumping into each other. We learn that the lovers are actually astronauts sitting atop a cliff of an alien planet - they are backdropped by a magical sunset.

But without that kiss, the lovers feel incomplete.

VO - In all of this universe... the only one spot where love exists is here...

We rush through the universe and reveal where that is: Earth.

We allow for the importance of Earth to sink in (music swells).

We push towards earth through the clouds and onto a sunset beach where our two lovers stand, and embrace each other.

VO - But our Earth is in danger.

The camera pushes past the narrow gap between our two lovers and out over the ocean as the camera plunges into the water.The camera stops at floating plastic bottle surrounded by other litter as a sea turtle swims pas in the background.

VO - It’s time to make better choices.

We pull out of the ocean, through the clouds, past the stratosphere and into space to a wide shot of earth. A closeup pack floats by - like a space station - clearly showing the 100% recyclable logo.

* ALTERNATE - We pull out of the ocean, through the clouds, out to the ocean. We see a space pod floating in the ocean, the hatch flies open, our astronauts, sitting in the cockpit remove their helmets. Feeling exhilarated and grateful to be alive they, they embrace each other with smiles from ear to hear, before staring into each others eyes and finally a kiss.

VO - At closeup, that means toothpaste that uses 100% recyclable packaging.

We end on a shot of the Earth as the music reaches a crescendo.

VO - Earth is all we've got for love, let's protect it.

SPR: Save Earth. Save love. #closeup

Thank you.

Thank you for your time and sharing this lovely script with me. I would very much look forward to continuing to develop and shoot this together.

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