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Hello Jacquelin, Flavien and FoodPanda team! We're excited to further explorewhat promises to be a fun and rewarding project together.


The Food Panda crew is the fastest around. Whether its your favorite Bubble tea, a gourmet dinner, Groceries or household items, if you want it fast, you’d best go with our guys.

This film highlights Food Panda’s diversity of services and diligent speed in the most fantastic ways. We showcase Food Panda’s undeniable convenience with excitement that is sure to put a smile on your face.




A day like any other. After a long day, you're hungry, need some things but want to remain in the comfort of your home because you deserve it.

We tend to overlook the sincerely miraculous advances in technology in the last decade alone, our adoption of online delivery and transportation apps alike are a convenience many of us would now have a hard time living without.

This film pays homage to the symphony of FoodPandas inner workings. The App, the users, the drivers, the chefs, the sous chefs, the cashiers, The baggers and all the people in between.





PIE (female, late 20’s) plops down on her couch, kicks up her feet, pulls out her phone and browses the FoodPanda app for dinner. Within seconds, she orders and the journey begins.

We are Speed.


A food Panda Couriers app dings.

EXT: Warehouse Setting -- Continuous

The food panda app dings on a phone holstered on a motorcycle handle bars—the motorcycle is hot pink. Instantaneously, the scooter revs on: its lights flash and throttle sounds. The DRIVER kicks it to high gear, and skids off.

EXT: Restaurant Medley -- Continuous

Here, we cast a medley of impressive chefs with bravado skills and showmanship, favouring real people who do real things. As we see each chef creating their dishes, we whip pan and dolly from one restaurant to the next, and utilize split screen and replicated camera movements.


From the kitchen…

Characters to be decided through real-world casting process. Examples below:


NOODLE CART: A noodle chef whips and twists noodles from a steaming hot tub of soup.


PIZZERIA: Pizza guy does impressive dough flips. In the back, the dishwasher stacks dishes really fast.


VIETNAMESE RICE SHOP: One waiter throws rice to another from other ends of the room

INT: Convenience Store -- Continuous

We see COURIER grab multiple items from the shelf and put them into a basket. His moves are whimsical and precise like a Hollywood musical.

CUT TO: empty grocery aisle. Courier slides into the center of the aisle from out-of-frame (reference: Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”

To the store...


FOODPANDA CUTSOMTER: Enters a food vendor shop and quickly grabs a take-away bag.

CASHIER scans multiple items and tosses them to the Courier who catches them and bags them with precision and ease.

We take extra care to get all you crave, want or need.



Scooter on. Headlights beam. The throttle revs. Panda out.

Our courier rides off.


to top down view of rider driving down a road with an illuminated pink trail behind it (like the app).


further to satellite / birds eye view above buildings (exactly like the app but built as a scale model). The courier turns the street towards their destination.

EXT/INT: Artist’s Condo -- Continuous

A fast montage of Courier delivering the goods.

-    Courier enters revolving lobby doors.
-    Elevator doors open and courier steps in.
-    Close up elevator button push
-    Elevator doors open
-    App dings on Pie’s phone

Split screen shot.

-    Pie’s app dings, she gets off her couch and walks towards the door
-    Simultaneously, Courier walks down the hallway towards the door
-    The split screen becomes the same shot (reference: Euphoria class room shot)


...delivered in a flash. FoodPanda.


Pie receives her package with pure joy.





Choreography between our talent and the camera will be very curated and precise for this film. To emphasize the speed and impressiveness of the characters talent in their respective occupations. Techniques like whip pan transitions, dolly and jib movements carried across the film ensures that the visual language is as fast and impressive as the talent is.

We will shoot on an Arri Alexa LF and use a wide angle lenses. The "wide and close" style of shooting used on TV shows like HBO's Euphoria. The large format sensor allows wide angle shots to retain a desirable shallow depth of field while utilizing the intimate effects of wide angle photography.

Our goal is to exaggerate and emphasize the feeling of speed and excitement with camera language. The camera will always be mooving, and each shot will be carefuly choreographed with talent action and transitions in mind. For example for the "food preparation" montage uses a series of repetitive movements...


Each shot duration 2.5 seconds

- Dolly-in to Pizza Cutter, slicing 4 pizza's ins 1.6 seconds, whip pan transition,

- Dolly-in to Noodle Maker, stretching and twisting dough impressively, whip pan transition

- Dolly-in to Foodpanda driver takes 10 items off the shelves in 2 seconds, whip pan transition

- Continued...


Fast Montage

" Instantaneously, the scooter revs on: its lights flash and throttle sounds. The DRIVER kicks it to high gear, and skids off."


Dolly in & Repeat

- Chefs preparing food

- Grocery Baggers

- Viral skills and talents

In Camera Set Transitions

In camera movements from one character to the next.

Whip Pan Transitions

Split Screen

" Pie’s app dings, she gets off her couch and walks towards the door

 Simultaneously, Courier walks down the hallway

towards the door


The split screen becomes the same shot (reference: Euphoria class room shot) "



Casting for this will be a very special experience indeed. We're looking for almost circus level impressiveness from chefs, grocers and our courier. Casting from dance schools, clowning academies, and real world epicurean creators with bravado (to name a few sources…), will get us the motley crew we need to make the campaign vibrant.

On our most recent call we enjoyed the idea that Flavien brought up about reaching out to Foodpanda vendors for our talent. We have to cast a wide net to find the special and fun talents that will translate on screen. We love the idea of using non-actors and real workers an out of the box approach to our cast.

Below are some short clips of talented, viral in nature skills we'd love to see in our cast.

Sauce Master

Preparing take-away packages on a whole other level.

Prep With

This type of ingenuity would be great for takeaway containers.

Lighting Bagger

Bagging food, groceries or pickup items.

Speed Shopper

Moving up and down the isles with ease and speed.

Noodle Master

Artful handmade with style & speed.

Ricence to kill

Perfect for  any traditional rice based dish.

Pizza Ninja

Look at him go.

Flippin' Out

burger chefs & patty makers do mass orders with the utmost precision.

This Shouldn't Be Possible.

Mind bending dough tossing.

1000 chops per minute.

Classic lightning fast chopping skills



To maximize control with set design, camera movement flexibility and maximize our time on set we should shoot this in a very large studio. Beyond the practical and aesthetic preference, it also allows the camera to do things like, pass through walls / ceilings and move from one location to another in camera without editing or effects.


Stylistically we love the idea of showing elements of the actual set, revealing to the audience the studio environment a little bit adding a level of nuance and realism within our studio environment. Shots that show the studio lights above our cast, show the dolly track and the edges of our minimal set. We feel this goes stylistically beyond a studio shoot and ads a welcome level of detail in a compelling way.

In terms of working within the Food Panda cooler scheme, if we are building 100% of the set this is something that can really take advantage of creating a world that feels very much like a  FoodPanda fantasy world.

Since we want to cover a myriad of cast and locations, the setups will be built as minimal as possible. For example a chef chopping onions would just have a cutting table, knife and a backdrop of steel sheeting to impress the idea of an industrial kitchen. Simple set builds, with colourful and simple backdrops that quickly and precisely communicate a shot & action.



Going with the ‘Hollywood Musical Magic’ theme, we want the viewer to feel like they are experiencing fate, a miracle for the heart. As the story goes through a medley of live, the soundtrack will go through a medley of tempos and baselines.

It would be ideal to lock in a song, or at least a vibe / tempo that we like BEFORE we shoot. I find it extremely helpful to have playback on set. It allows our talent and camera operator to move with the beat which will really translate in the edit and contribute to a sense of rhythm and synchronicity in the film.

We can time our shots in terms of bar measures rather than seconds and really dial the timing and pacing of the film on set.



As discussed on the call, it is ideal that the talents on screen can be covered in a modular fashion for stand alone viability and repurposing.It's my honest opinion that the shooting style of viral videos, being DIY, shot on phones, plays a big role in their attractiveness. My intuition tells me that we should 2 two things main things to attain this.

I suggest we do the following.

1 - Have our talent sign waivers that allow us to use their "audition" videos as standalone ads.

2 - Film our talent on set with iPhones in their respective environments, performing / rehearsing their skills while the main shoot is covering other talent.

Beyond this, we can of-course re-cut and feature especially strong talent we deem to have viral potential as standalone clips from our main film. I however feel strongly that when seeking modular clips that feel viral, the subtle aesthetic that is shooting on iPhones, coupled with the relaxed / less intimidating the talent feels when they aren't pressured by a big scary movie camera is my choice recipe for creating standalone viral content.


Thank you so much for hearing our ideas for this wonderful script. I look forward to further collaboration, developement and making this film a fun and memorable reality.

Amos Le Blanc -







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