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Syn Cole & Novia Bachmid
"Without It"

Without itSyn Cole & Novia Bachmid
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directors treatment

For " Without it " knowing its going to be shot on location in Bali, an abundantly beautiful location.

I have a very simple shooting style concept. Inspired by instgram reels, 360 videos and the ever growing tik-tok and instagram beast.

honestly... these "trends"get a bad rap. But there's also SO MANY cool pieces of content that get made as well. Some content creators have come up with styles and techniques that are just wild... so very simply... I want to apply the best of those techniques into a performance style music video. We take all the best techniques and trends we like and apply them to a performance style video.

Even as a conversation starter. Essentially if everyone aligns on this style we prep, trail and test these techniques and prepare them for a 1-2 day all day multiple vignette Bali shoot.


dream inc.

camera style

360 camera

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