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valentina ploy
camera roll sketches

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epic romantic vignettes
a series of romantic vignettes, romantic in theme representing exaggerated passionate memories of a lost love. A metaphor for how the mind can tend to make memories larger and greater than they were in real life.

a carousel of memories
An avenue close to the song title and lyrics. Memories from your iPhones camera roll. Shot and edited in a style that feels amateur and arrived at. Including weird moments along the way of a trip, moments of joy, random annoyances, takes where you’re yelling camera directions at your partner… clips that you would never post but you record just for yourself. Maybe the entire video is 9x16 instead of 16x9 because that’s how we all watch our insta stories and otherwise.

for the sake of speed and vibe... here is a very short video cut from my very won camera roll </3


a DIY introduction to the world
This video Video Games by Lana Del Rey is one of the most successful videos I will always remember. Its unforgettable because it appears authentic, it was a lot of peoples first time being introduced to Lana Del Rey , a rebrand and rename of who was once “ Lizzy Grant ”.

This video just gets you thinking… wow this song is amazing, who is this person… how do I hear more… I have to show this to so and so… largely in part because it doesn’t feel like its been conceived and produced by a label and professional directors. But of course, it is and this is an avenue we'd love to explore with Valentina.


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