The Wall


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A camera fly’s over exotic islands and oceans. Ethereal and enticing music plays as we fly over water and approach a desert.

We see off in the distance two figures. As we approach we see a man and a large black monolithic wall.

The man looks determined as he stares across the stretch of land at the wall. The wall… motionless, daunting and prolific stands in place.

The man readies, deep in concentration, he looks confident and prepared.

The man takes a deep breath, takes a moment; a breath before tilting forward and taking his first stride towards to wall.

The man picks up pace, running straight towards the wall unafraid with powerful intention. faster and faster, he reaches full running speed as the gap between the man and the wall becomes smaller and smaller.

As the man nears the wall, the music swells, the sound of the mans breath and footsteps intensify.



Impact is imminent, the man will collide with the wall, he takes one last breath before bracing for impact!


The music stops, nothing but the sound of a light breeze remains.

The man falls crippled to the floor, his breathing is tight, the wind has been knocked out of him.

The camera zooms out, revealing the man laying in the dirt squirming in pain and making faint groaning sounds with what little air is able to reach his lungs.

The camera zooms out, revealing the scene of the wall standing strong and untouched and man squirming in pain.

Cut to white.

There's still time to change direction.

Change with us.


Fridays For Future.

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dreams are limitless.

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